Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5/11/2016 - One Year Blogiversary Part 2

Sorry for the delay between posts, but I get distracted easily lol.   The first post was the main floor of the house, this post and part 3 will cover the other two floors. Hopefully I won't repost too many pictures that I've already shared, but it's bound to happen.  

Full Bath

Along with the obvious painting, I replaced the vanity light and mirror with pieces that better fit the look I was after and I also added a recessed light over the shower.  This made a HUGE different in the room. I'm not sure why there wasn't one there in the first place. 



Paint: Behr Elephant Skin (flat)
Light Fixture: Allen & Roth (Lowes)
Mirror: Wayfair

Game/Rec Area:

During Construction:


I taped up every square inch of the carpet in here with 3 layers of plastic sheeting to avoid any chance of this dark red paint getting on this light gray carpet. Thankfully I was successful.  


Finished with Metal Wall Accent:

Movie Cubby:

I had a good friend of mine plasma cut a sign for me to hang over the game table. 

Paint: Behr Red Pepper (flat)
Lighting: IKEA
Metal Accent: steel roofing (lowes)

The Kid's Playroom:

I told my son that he could pick the "theme" of his playroom since it was his own space. He said he wanted Spider-Man, so Spider-Man it is.  I also made sure he had all the appropriate video games, Nintendo, N64, Wii U, there is even an Atari in there.  Can't forget the classics!

During Construction:



Paint: Behr Natural Gray (flat)

And last but not least, 

The Theater/Media Room:

This space was my favorite.  I spent hours and hours planning it out and researching the equipment for down here.  It was tedious but the result is fantastic!


Mocking up the screen size and sorting out the mounting locations for the Triad In-ceiling theater speakers. 

Who doesn't love Pitch Perfect?
Paint: Behr Elephant Skin
Screen: 130" Stewart Filmscreen
Sound: Traid Professional In-Ceiling

Equipment Room:
This is basically the control center for everything.  The theater equipment, dedicated audio upstairs and for the deck, smart home hub, surveillance cameras, networking, etc is all routed in here.  TONS of wiring.  

That pretty much covers the big stuff.  There is still furniture to buy and decor to find and all that good stuff, but it's definitely come a looooong way. 

Also, I've had a bunch of people message me and ask what contactor we used to do the painting and other stuff.  We didn't hire anyone. Everything that's been done so far I did myself, so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me and I'll do my best to help out!

Part 3 to come!

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